Nissan Cube 2013, Review (pros and cons)


The 2013 Nissan Cube is boxy alright, but in a way that prioritizes style and fashion, not outright practicality.
The 2013 Nissan Cube is an outlier in the U.S. market—in many ways, really—and it’s hard to categorize, even in a market that’s become increasingly segmented. It’s not quite a van, but almost; not quite a crossover wagon, but almost. One thing is for sure: It’s a quirky vehicle through and through, and it’s unrivaled in style and packaging—within its quirky limitations, of course.
It’s the details that make the design, and while the rounded corners on an upright box can make the Cube look a little appliance-like, just take a closer look at the asymmetry of the windows, the beveled window frames, and flared sheetmetal, and it’s anything but simple.

1 - Autor: Adam W Nelson
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2012-12-19

Just my take on the 2013 Nissan CUBE. Overall I really like the car.

1. keyless entry
2. keyless start
3. large back door
4. reclining back seats
5. no hump in the center or back seats
6. the design (square shape)
7. built-in GPS
8. backup video camera
9. CVT – continuously variable transmission
10. the ride (smooth and handles good)

1. limited trunk space
2. Nissan suggests against luggage racks (because no support in the roof)
3. Nissan suggests against cargo carriers (no place for a hitch)
4. gas cap on the passenger side
5. rear view mirror (kinda cheap feeling)
6. some wind noise at higher speeds
7. arm rest (knida cheap feeling)
8. front windshield sprayers (straight line not a spray)
9. CVT – continuously variable transmission
10. no center console MikeRoweHireMe

Adam W Nelson


[5330m] I like how you present the pros and cons. Not corny.
[Stephanie Dewees] I/We have a 2009 Cube Krom and LOVE it. As far as not having anywhere to put cd’s n things use the door. I put my cd cases in there all the time. Great review.
[CrazyHorse] Nissan Cube…WHY!???
[Szilard Vegh] Is this dude trying to be dung and bad or his he retarded
[smarteffort1] this is posted under automotive but it could also be posted under comedy
[teatro paraiso] one of the ugliest car 
[Mike Brand] yea that whole one body in the space in the back is not good for mobsters lol
[MrRealtor247] Good work man thanks for the honest review 
[TheRBLP] 1:16 he said reason number 8 but his fingers say 7
2 - [Adam W Nelson] W Nelson
[Adam W Nelson] I think it was around 4 times and cost $30 for a fill up with gas be around $3.20 per gallon. We had gas left over on that 4th tank. I think we averaged around 30mpg on the way up and around 34mpg on the way back.
[Adam W Nelson] I would say thanks for the comment but I find it a bit rude. I am not homosexual but I do tend to speak with my hands and get made fun of it from time-to-time (yes I can take a bit of name calling and people making fun of me). Don’t know why but I always feel sorry for people like you. People that have to put down to make themselves feel good.
[Steve Serino] ‘You can hardly fit one full body in here’
[Adam W Nelson] I’m around 6’1′ and fit just fine. I had a friend of mine that is around 6’6′ test it out and managed just fine. He couldn’t believe how much headroom he had.
[Dylan Smith] Nissan Cube, Nissan Juke, Nissan Quest, Nissan Versa. Some of the ugliest cars i have ever seen.
[Adam W Nelson] I just got back from vacation (road trip) and drove the Cube from Austin, TX to Zanesville, OH. It handled extremely well for a small boxy car. We fought strong headwinds all the way there and still managed to keep it on the road :-) so to answer your question YES I feel it handles well on the highway. Lots of visibility in this car its just crazy. Thanks for the comment!
[orangedac] nice review
[john mckie] omfg lmfao ‘u can hardly fit one whole body in here’
[Adam W Nelson] Bob, to be honest the we only shopped it to the KIA SOUL, which is what I traded in for the CUBE. We’ve had it for 10 months and about 20,000 miles and so far the ride is good. Please don’t think you’re getting into a Cadillac or anything like that but compared to the SOUL its ride is super nice. I do wish I had test drove the Scion XB but my wife just didn’t like the look of the new ones. I am happy with my purchase and will now probably be a Nissan man… Thanks for the comment!

Nissan Cube 2013, Review (pros and cons)

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