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Nissan Skyline | Turbo Charged 4 Cylinder Vs V6 And V8s?

Nissan Skyline | Turbo Charged 4 cylinder vs V6 and V8s?
Asked by Firemario_30 on 2013-07-28
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Turbo Charged 4 cylinder vs V6 and V8s?

While we all know a turbo charged 4 cylinder car has smoked cars with larger engines like the V6 and V8s, which engine would you rather choose and why? Forgetting the power to weight ratios.

Chris SmooveAnswer by Chris Smoove
I say v8, it's way faster, but I wouldn't mind a v6 either

SkwonripkenAnswer by Skwonripken
A v8 is a gas question about it. Lots of power, tho. A v6 uses less gas, but not quite as much punch as a v8. A I4 turbo kicks a**, and doesn't use as much gas as a v8, but when that turbo goes, buddy, you're gonna shell out the bucks to replace it.IMHO, the V6 is the best all around engine. It has enough power to keep you happy in the long run.

AnonymousFishheadAnswer by AnonymousFishhead
V8. Nothing else matters. There's a reason why the fastest cars in the world have been V8s, not V6s or 4 cylinders.

Kb0113Answer by Kb0113
Actually the fastest cars in the world have v10s and 12s.and actually the ferrari f50 witch is one of the fastest cars of its time was a twin turbo v6.Nissan skylines have straight 6s and the new ones are v6s.and v8s are not the fastest motors out there.the number of cylinders does not determine how fast the car goes.sure it helps but everything like weight and traction comes into play as well.can't tell you how many v8s i have beat in my car witch is next to stock fwd,4 cylinder and naturally asperated simply because how light the car is.also the more cylinders the more parts there are to maintain and more moving if you need something like new injectiors witch can be around 80 bucks a buying 8 of those will be a much bigger deal than on to my answer of the actuall question.i would take a turbo 4cylinder over a v6 or 8 and here is why.a 4 cylinder will have much better gas mileage and typically better insurance rates as well.4 cylinder cars are typically more practical than the others,and are also some of the greatest handling cars out there.not to mention you can easily get them just as fast if not faster than the other motors.sure if the turbo goes it can get expensive but unless you don't keep up with matinence and constantly hammer it as well as pushing too much boost.this is why every company today with the exception of some of the more luxurious and exotic brands have some sort of turbo 4cylinder set up and are running less v6 and v8 cars.